Business Disputes

Don’t Let Conflict Kill Your Company

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A conflict between business partners can cause your company to crumble. Working with a partnership dispute attorney can help you resolve your problems and safeguard your company’s future.

Are you dealing with an inter-business dispute? An attorney from Fluhr & Moore, LLC can help you protect your assets. Turn to us for help with broken sale agreements, non-competition agreements and trademark infringement issues.

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Business Disputes

What does an employment dispute attorney handle?

In addition to inter-business disputes, an attorney can also deal with intra-business problems. If you’re dealing with an employment dispute, an attorney from Fluhr & Moore, LLC can work to resolve it. Disputes often involve:

  • Employee contracts
  • Wages and bonuses
  • Termination

Fluhr & Moore, LLC offers you an important advantage. Because our law firm represents employees and employers, we have valuable insight into the other party’s litigation techniques.

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