Probate Law

Fluhr & Moore, LLC has Been Protecting Families and Estates for Decades.

Prepare now to save your family money$$ later and leave a living legacy.

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Probate can tax your wallet and your emotions. Hire a compassionate probate lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri to guide you through the process. Fluhr & Moore, LLC is a firm you can trust to help you probate your loved one’s estate.

We’ll notify your family member’s heirs and creditors, settle their debts and transfer property title. Our team will take care of everything so you can carry out your loved one’s wishes.

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Fluhr & Moore, LLC practices estate law in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas.
Hire us to:

  • Draft your will
  • Set up a trust
  • Appoint beneficiaries
  • Determine guardians
  • State your health care wishes

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